Change the life trajectory of a child.


EY is proudly sponsoring a fundraiser for  College for Every Student (CFES) during the Partner Development Conference            29 September through 2 October, 2014.

CFES shares EY’s commitment to expanding access to education and mentoring. Throughout the US, CFES is committed to raising the academic aspirations and performance of underserved youth so that they can prepare for, gain access to, and succeed in college. CFES provides scholars with in three high-impact practices–Mentoring, Leadership through Service, and Pathways to College.

Please select EY Partner/Principal Conference (PDC) from the drop down menu below. The suggested individual contribution is $75 USD for PPEDDs. While participation is optional, your contribution to the organization is greatly appreciated.

Please select a purpose of donation in the drop down list below:


Purpose of Donation


Every $250 gift funds one low-income student for a year of CFES activities and support.
93% of every dollar raised goes directly to services and support for CFES Scholars.