One Million More

As part of our commitment to help one million low-income students attain college degrees by 2025, College For Every Student (CFES) is launching a nationwide search for additional rural and urban schools to participate in our high-impact college & career readiness program for three years, starting in the 2017-18 academic year.

CFES will select one rural school and one urban school to receive a full program grant (valued at $90,000) for three years. Additional schools will be selected to receive a partial program grant covering half of the program costs ($15,000 per year for three years); schools in this category will be asked to find matching support from other sources.


The application for the "One Million More" program grant is now closed. 

Eighty-five schools in twenty states applied to be considered for CFES partnership through our One Million More program grants.

Schools will be accepted according to the following timeline:

May 1: All applicants will be notified of decisions
May 8: Schools selected to receive full and 50% funding must confirm their commitment to participate in CFES for the 2017-18 school year. Should a school not accept an award, we will select the next qualified school on our wait list.

Program Details

Schools awarded this program grant will receive the following partnership benefits from College For Every Student:





Support for Students



Support for Educators






How the One Million More Grant Works



Expectations of CFES Schools



We help each school team design and implement a mentoring program.  CFES provides support and mentor training so that every student we work with has a mentor.  CFES mentors can be community members, college students, teachers, and/or student peers.

Leadership Through Service
Every student has the capacity to be a leader. CFES provides leadership training that empowers students to address issues in their schools and communities through student-led service projects. 

CFES works to nurture a college-going culture within each school. We provide opportunities for students to visit college campuses, identify college and career options, and participate in financial aid workshops, so that they are well-equipped to achieve their goals.