Networking: Andy Ng

As a shy person, social gatherings with complete strangers can be very overwhelming. But realizing that at the end of the day, it’s not just what you know, but who you knows that matters, I had to take a plunge out of my comfort zone.

Networking: Andy Ng

Agility: Carolyn Slaski

Agility has been important to my career, starting from my first year in college.

Leadership: Ernie Stretton

I learned a great deal about leadership from my high school hockey coach.

Goal Setting & Leadership: Kevin Hulbert

When I first became a principal 13 years ago, I told myself (and my wife) that I wanted my school to provide a “world class education” and that I wanted to be known as the best principal in the North Country and in the state.

Perseverance: Robin McCracken

I grew up in New York City and only knew one thing, poverty.

Agility: Lindsa McIntyre

As a first generation college student, I entered school with a feeling of not belonging socially.

Agility: Lindsa McIntyre

Teamwork: Leroy Nesbitt

Teamwork was a key skilled I learned in college.

Leadership & Teamwork: Lisa Nelson

Leadership comes in many forms and the incumbent power that accompanies a leadership role is something that must be acknowledged and addressed.

Agility: Natacha

Agility really impressed and surprised me because I did not know I could get used to completely different environments so easily.

Essential Skills: Annmarie Collins

Growing up in an ethnic minority community in Ireland, where progression to college is less than one percent and unemployment is 87%, I showed Grit by persevering to achieve my dreams and to challenge stereotypes by becoming an educated female with a career.

Leadership: Mollie

CFES has helped me become outgoing and confident in social situations.

Teamwork: Kylie

This experience helped me develop the ability to feel comfortable working with other people.

Leadership: Steve Boyce

In my senior year of high school, I was cut from the basketball team.

Agility: Mike Lynch

Even the best Leaders within organizations of all types sometimes face obstacles and circumstances beyond their control.