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Educators are at the heart of our success!


It is through you that CFES Scholars engage in the three core practices – Mentoring, Leadership Through Service, and Pathways to College – that help underserved youth achieve college success. These practices have been shown to raise aspirations, improve students’ preparation for college, and develop leadership skills. Access the Resources below to learn more about the core practices and essential skills that help students get to and through college.

“I have had some interesting conversations with other principals in Ireland and they cannot believe the transformation in the students since their involvement in College For Every Student. The CFES program that you have made available in our schools works!” - Patricia Hayden, Principal, St. Joseph’s Secondary School, Dublin, Ireland.







We have created hundreds of resources to guide you through the implementation CFES in your school. Here you will find worksheets, templates, activities, suggestions, and comprehensive guidance on best practices for success.

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Every year, CFES helps low-income students get to and through college, ready to enter the workforce. CFES currently works with over 200 schools, urban and rural, in 24 states across the country.

Our data shows:

  • 99% of CFES Scholars graduate from high school
  • 96% of Grade 12 Scholars go on to college
  • 4% of Scholars show improved behavior in school
  • 68% of Scholars have improved GPAs after joining CFES
  • 63% of Scholars have improved school attendance

There are many benefits of being a CFES school…|

Helping Scholars get to and through college, ready to enter the workforce

  • Access to an extended network of colleges/universities
  • Support in planning college campus visits
  • Opportunities to interact with college representatives including admissions counselors, students & staff
  • Assistance with college admissions and financial aid process
  • Application fee waivers from partnering colleges


Workshops, Events, Conferences, & Trainings

  • Participation in Planning/Training Workshops
  • Opportunities for Scholars to participate in Summer College Explore Programs
  • Invitation to the CFES National Conference
  • Training for mentors
  • College Connect Workshops for educators
  • Summits at the CFES Center
  • College Knowledge Workshops for Scholars
  • Student Leadership Workshops


Support, Evaluation, Resources, & Networking

  • Ongoing evaluation and support from the CFES staff
  • On-site support from appointed CFES Program Director
  • Access to over 300 CFES Resources online
  • Network with other CFES Schools and Scholars around the country
  • Support from CFES College Partners


Scholar Self Growth

  • Meaningful relationships and self growth through mentoring programs
  • Leadership and service exploration and opportunities
  • Build student profile/resumes
  • Explore college and career options

We’re here for you!

Each CFES school is assigned a CFES Program Director that helps school leaders develop a college culture infrastructure, meets regularly with a CFES team to help implement the CFES plan and practices, and meets with CFES Scholars to engage them in the three core practices. Program Directors are prepared to:


  • Train Scholars, college students, teachers and community members as mentors
  • Facilitate mentoring activities
  • Help establish mentoring with community members and/or college partner(s)
  • Provide CFES resources (guides, worksheets, activities) that support mentoring

Leadership Through Service

  • Engage Scholars in discussions about leadership
  • Participate in leadership training and leadership activities
  • Facilitate training for student leadership teams
  • Facilitate activities that teach and enhance leadership skills
  • Help Scholars prepare for leadership summits
  • Help Scholars plan and promote service projects
  • Provide CFES resources (guides, worksheets, activities) that support leadership and service

Pathways to College

  • Build relationships with existing college partners
  • Initiate partnerships with new colleges
  • Facilitate a college knowledge and/or financial aid workshop
  • Create opportunities for Scholars to interact with college students/staff
  • Critique college application essays
  • Write college recommendations for Scholars
  • Research summer programs for Scholars
  • Help Scholars identify application fee waivers from CFES partnering colleges
  • Conduct workshops on strategies to find scholarships
  • Conduct mock interviews
  • Serve as a guest speaker or panelist
  • Help prepare Scholars for campus visits
  • Facilitate reflections on campus visits
  • Help Scholars research colleges
  • Plan Early College Awareness week
  • Support adopt-a-college activities (March Madness, College Corners, etc.)
  • Provide CFES resources (guides, worksheets, activities) that support pathways to college


General Support for CFES Scholars & Teams

  • Help brand CFES Scholar identity
  • Meet with Scholars to help them understand the value of the three core practices
  • Create awareness about how the three core practices relate to one another and Scholar success
  • Help school teams align existing program and practices with CFES
  • Help Scholars write blogs for the CFES website
  • Conduct goal setting workshops
  • Participate in CFES Kickoff Event
  • Attend faculty or Board of Education meetings to talk about CFES
  • Present certificates/awards at graduation or other school ceremonies
  • Help CFES teams promote the success of their program
  • Conduct surveys about CFES programs to measure success
  • Guide teams through School of Distinction process
  • Train new CFES team members


Connect with other CFES educators and colleges, and see what’s happening in CFES Schools across the country (and in Ireland!)

Share your success

We are proud to celebrate the achievements of CFES schools and Scholars. If you have a success story that you’d like to share with the CFES community, please contact us and we will turn it into a blog on the CFES website.

School of Distinction

The School of Distinction award recognizes schools that have exemplary programs incorporating the three CFES core practices that move underserved students toward college success and create high levels of college awareness and aspirations.

Download an application here or contact your CFES Program Director to apply for consideration as a School of Distinction.