Together we’re helping underserved students get to and through college!

Partner colleges expose Scholars to postsecondary education through campus visits, financial aid and admissions workshops, and summer programs. Colleges and Scholars both benefit from this exposure – Scholars gain experience and knowledge that helps them map their pathways to college, and colleges gain access to prospective students with the essential skills necessary to succeed in college and enter the workforce.


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College News

2017 CFES Conference: Building College & Career Readiness

The students who attended CFES’ 26th annual conference in Burlington, Vt., this weekend learned more people have their backs than they might realize.

2017 CFES Conference: Building College & Career Readiness
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CFES College Partner Benefits

College For Every Student (CFES) has achieved exemplary results helping low-income students gain access to college and succeed once they get there. CFES is the only national nonprofit that helps both low-income rural and urban students.

What we do works: 95% of grade 12 Scholars go on to college. Our focus on the three core practices – Pathways, Mentoring and Leadership Through Service - allows CFES Scholars to enter college with essential skills for success: resilience, a commitment to service, and a readiness for learning and community engagement.

Achievements of recent graduates include:

  • Matriculation at: Clarkson, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Fordham, Gettysburg, Harvard, Howard, Loyola, Marist, Middlebury, MIT, Naval Academy, New York University, Northwestern, Paul Smith’s, Penn State, Pratt Institute, Purdue, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Roger Williams, Skidmore, Spelman, St. John’s, Stamford, Syracuse, University of Alabama, Vassar, and more than one hundred state universities and community colleges.
  • Eight Gates Millennial Scholars
  • Survivor winner in 2012 and NFL first round draft pick in 2014!


The essence of CFES is our partnerships with colleges and universities that provide opportunities for our Scholars such as:

  • Campus visits
  • Summer programs
  • Application fee waivers


In turn, CFES supports its college partners by:

  • Providing a large pool of prospective candidates who have developed Essential Skills
  • Creating visibility for colleges at our national conference, schools, and events
  • Sharing best practices on how to help low-income and first generation college students attain degrees
  • Increasing opportunities for positive exposure in the press, highlighting compelling success stories for admissions, development and alumni publications


How the Partnership Works

CFES is dedicated to creating and strengthening partnerships between schools and colleges that help underserved youth gain access to and succeed in college. Most of these young people are first-generation college students. CFES provides a proven framework to create and strengthen the relationship between schools and their college partners. Schools that participate in CFES are carefully screened and selected. From the outset, CFES works with each college to find the right public school partner.

CFES facilitates the launch of the school-college partnership and helps develop and sustain it through customized training and networking. In addition, CFES provides each college with tested models for productively interacting with its public school partner, as well as new ideas. Because assessment is an important program component, CFES evaluates the program's success on a regular basis by measuring its impact and, if necessary, adapts the program to meet the college's changing needs.

Benefits to the College Partners

CFES college partners benefit from:

  • An enhanced reputation for outreach to underserved students nationwide;
  • Increased opportunities for positive exposure in the press, highlighting compelling success stories for admissions, development and alumni publications; for examples check out our news feed
  • A pipeline of rural and urban students who matriculate having already experienced mentoring and leadership development;
  • Opportunities for student and alumni community service, fieldwork, leadership and training;
  • Professional development and renewal through national conferences, summits and workshops on best practices in college access and persistence for underserved populations.


Becoming a CFES Partner

To become a CFES partner, colleges should contact CFES.