“College For Every Student: A Practitioner’s Guide To Building College and Career Readiness” addresses the unique challenges students in both rural and urban communities must overcome in order to move along the college-career pathway. Blending data, theory and student experience, authors Rick Dalton and Edward P. St. John discuss the ways K-12 schools build partnerships with higher education institutions and businesses to help students become college and career ready. Diverse scenarios show how schools adapt the College For Every Student Program’s core practices to raise student aspiration and develop leadership, resilience, teamwork and other Essential Skills for success in college and the 21st-century workplace. In just under 200 pages, the authors provide a comprehensive and engaging guidebook to advance social and educational uplift.







Supported by decades of research, Dalton and St. John have comprehensively sewn together threads of student narratives, adaptive frameworks, and insightful studies, which prove it’s possible to move the dial on college and career readiness.

- Andy Ng, Google,  Inc., former CFES Scholar and a graduate of New York University where he was a Gates Millennium Scholar and Dalai Lama Fellow

Read Andy Ng’s review in Education Review/Reseñas Educativas.


"College For Every Student" provides a clear and compelling evidenced-based blueprint for fostering college and career readiness for the United States and beyond. With an inspiring call to action through a sound literature review, this book makes the case for the importance of college readiness for any country that cares deeply about developing the talents of all its citizens.

William R. Fitzsimmons, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, Harvard College


This book should be required reading for anyone looking for strategies to prepare under-served youth with the skills that they need for college and career success. Edward P. St John and Rick Dalton recognize that in order to prepare our students for success in a changing global economy, we must focus not just on college, but also on career preparation and success. "College For Every Student" gives us hope, grounded in practical solutions.

- Kelli Wells, Executive Director of Education and Skills, GE Foundation

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