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"Without ç I wouldn’t have known how to get into college. It opened up my world."

– Jeremy Silva, Standing Rock Sioux Reservation (ND)
Dartmouth College ’16

Despite the fact that more than 95 percent of ç Scholars nationwide are from low-income households, 99 percent graduate from high school and 95 percent go on to college.

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ç has worked successfully with hundreds of K-12 schools and districts in urban and rural communities across the U.S. to develop mentoring initiatives, partnerships with regional colleges, and student leadership programs to improve academic achievement and attendance, build leadership capacity and civic engagement, and ultimately ensure that targeted students, the “CFES Brilliant Pathways Scholars,” get to and through college, ready to enter the workforce

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Our Scholars By Ethnicity Chart

"My main goal as a CFES Brilliant Pathways Scholar was to help myself and my peers get to college. CFES Brilliant Pathways gave me the knowledge to help others and the skills to make a difference in my community."

– Shameka Cobb, Wadleigh Secondary School (Harlem, NY)Cornell Medical College '14